Art is not a Value, I am not a Startup
Publishing is not Marketing
Self-entrepreneurship is not self-realization
Self-realization is not a must
Personal branding is not an artistic Statement
A post on the internet is unlikely art,
it is most probably a by-product, a side effect.

No! Art is not selling contents

Yes, I am a Slave anyway, and a Slave Master!

Art is the dream of a truly: “liberté, égalité, sororité”

I make collections

Collection of choreographic objects, gestures, events
Collection of rules for time and space.
Collection of tensions and relationships.

I end up with suitcases full of potential activations for performances, dances, expositions, classes, improvisations, interstellar encounters.

Composing a performance is packing a suitcase with the right objects in the right order.
Performing is unfolding the suitcases.
Playing with its content is juggling with chaos and articulation.
Cleaning the mess afterward is the practice itself, a training for packing suitcases.