Bob George Chroreography


Chroreography Camille Chapon
Performance Patrick Rump and Camille Chapon
Text Tom Bouët
Uferstudios 10.10.17

My name is bob georges. I was born upside down, upside down and without a body, which is not possible, but i did not really care at the time.

My name is bob georges, or so i thought. My real name i can only pronounce with moves and breaths.

My name is bob georges, this is a stupid beautiful name. I come from a country located inside a face, located in a dream, a dream located itself inside the night from tuesday to wednesday.
And in this distant land, water is funny, and war between people using different hats and cursewords is fought with very small plastic spoons that are commonly used during office parties or school picnics.

Photo credit Florian Hoffmeier

Poster Camille Chapon