Banana Peels are Carefully Placed Choreography

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The first part of the choreography is a return to a task given to us by Lina Gomez during the process of “Devaneios sobre o desaparecimento – Träumerei des Verschwindens”, while the second part has been stolen from Andreas Olson who composted it with popular swing moves, themselves a result of people copying each other since a century at least. In a way, it’s a piece about copyleft and right now, stealing, nevertheless we bought the last track on Amazon, apologies for that.

Performance and Choreography Julek Kreutzer & Jofe D'mahl
Music Clement Destephen & Guests (Mulatu Astatke, Monolith, The Haxan Cloak, Weddings Streets, Saul Williams)
Special thanks James D Farell, Britta Wirthmüller, Clement Destephen, Schwänchen, Tom Bouët, Bruno Ducret, Lina Gomez, Andreas Olson and Gabi Beier.

Photo credit Tom Bouët