Éternuer Performance Trio

Bruno Ducret, Mercredi Matin and Jofe D'mahl are doing things together

in Berlin, Mars 2017.
Un Lac

Noes Shew

in Lyon, May 2015.

poster Mercredi Matin

photo credit Maxime Borowski

in Le Gouffre, 2013/14.

Gestures must be of fire, and also in the rest of existence.

More complicated than a return to the wild
Supreme combination but not sufficient as a day where at no time the malaise appeared.

An adventure has necessarily take place. Some element are enough to induce a gigantic set, especially if it does not exist yet.

A dusty explorer finds himself in certain circumstances, and survives. What interests us is the capture of details and the arrangement of its  improvised language in a high-powered space consisting of void, two escapes, a visual on the sequel, and walls caressed by a kind of truth.

Chronology is a bad idea, contemplation in real time is no more useful than a suitcase without a handle or hands.
The video must show a battle and a nap.

photo credit Mercredi Matin