Teaching kids from 3 to 130 years old

Movement Playground - Imagination Machine Special
at Paul Studios Berlin, Decembre 2018.

"How imagination can expend your own movement practice ? be it swing dance, contemporary, acrobatic... Lets be kids again.
We are going to focus on something I call imagination-machine. We will put our imagination in virtuous feed-back loops. The idea is to create a state of mind that opens us a world of playfulness, creativity and new movements.
I want to give concrete tools for your own dance/movement practice. We are going to start with breathing, exploring different levels available, from floor upwards and using groovy funky beats as well as the most experimental silence ever (promise..)."

Illustration : a page of the "Codex Seraphinianus" from Luigi Serafini

Kids, Berlin 2016.

Darwin multi-Dimensional Diagram
CND Pantin 2015

Exploring tools to generate performance materials on a personal understanding of mankind mutations.

Tool 1 : Embodiment, let go of your kind, remember when you were a child, you were fucking able to be anything just by the power of imagination.. no ?
Tool 2 : Talking every language in 10 second.
Tool 3 : What comes first to your mind is fine.
Tool 4 : Answering without knowing what's coming next.
Tool 5 : A certain art of brain mapping, diagrams as score, action as diagram...
Tool 6 : Being specific on how chaotic you think.
Tool 7 : Bien tomber de l'arbre, or rob the content of the president's pockets.
Tool 8 : Being afraid of performing but doing it to explore possibilities.

In English, with movement and brain exploration, all level.
Bring a pen and your imaginary super hero costume.

Photo credit Camille Chapon